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Breast Implant Revision Specialist Plastic Surgeon Manhattan NYC

Breast implants revision plastic surgery is routinely performed by the top rated board certified breast implant revision specialist plastic surgeons at the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC, located in Manhattan, New York City. Our breast revision plastic surgery team is highly trained in breast implant revision plastic surgery for patients who desire the opportunity to correct a former breast augmentation they are dissatisfied with. Some women decide their breast implants no longer match their bodily proportions and desire a different implant shape or size. 

Breast implants revision surgery with the top rated team at the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC is offered for women who suffer from dissatisfaction associated with a prior breast implants procedure. Breast implants revision surgery can help women achieve a chest contour that more accurately aligns with their ideal body, which can tremendously enhance one’s psychological and social wellbeing. Undergoing breast implant revision surgery with our top rated board certified plastic surgeons at the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC can help diminish self-consciousness and improve confidence through attaining your dream body. 

Women who are dissatisfied with their initial breast augmentation results are encouraged to visit the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC to learn more about the corrective procedures offered by our top rated board certified plastic surgeons. The plastic surgery team and dedicated staff work closely with each patient to create a treatment plan that reflects their functional and aesthetic needs. We firmly believe that patients should be happy with their cosmetic surgery results, which is why we are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care at our NYC based breast surgery practice. 

You may be eligible for breast implant revision surgery if you experience the following:

  • Desire to alter the shape / size of your breast implants
  • Complications associated with a prior surgery (scarring / capsular contraction)
  • Prior breast implant deflation
  • Prior breast implant rupture 

During your initial breast implant revision plastic surgery consultation, the plastic surgeon will review your medical history and perform a routine medical exam to determine your eligibility. The plastic surgeon will explain all possible surgical and non-surgical options and he will break down the breast implant revision procedure from the initial consultation to the final postoperative result. You will have the opportunity to speak with the plastic surgeon one-on-one to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the breast implant revision procedure. 

The breast implant revision procedure is performed at the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC’s boutique surgical suite in Manhattan, NY. The final surgical approach is determined upon the first incision, as each procedure depends upon the patient’s unique anatomy. The procedure takes between 1-3 hours and patients can expect to take about 3-5 days off of work after undergoing breast implant revision surgery. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon makes a careful, minuscule incision (usually the original incision point from the initial surgery) and removes the existing breast implants from the breast cavity. Once removed, the plastic surgeon carefully places the new implants in the breast cavity and closes the incision with dissolving stitches. 

If you have any questions in regards to breast implant revision plastic surgery and would like a complimentary consultation with the best in class board certified Manhattan, NYC Plastic Surgeons. Please feel free to contact our NYC office for a complimentary consultation or request a consultation online using the eForm on the right

If you are an out of town patient interested in a complimentary breast implant revision plastic surgery consultation please refer to this link for more information: Out of Town Breast Implant Revision Patient Information.

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