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Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Keith Blechman of the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC is a top expert in the highly specialized field of lymphedema surgery. Lymphedema is the swelling in the limbs and  is a common side-effect of treatment for breast cancer

Dr. Blechman is one of the most sought after lymphedema surgeons in NYC and the world.  The Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC offer a comprehensive tailor-made service to patients who suffer from primary and secondary lymphedema as a result of breast cancer.

  • Lymphovenous bypass surgery is performed for the treatment of upper limb lymphedema in breast cancer patients.
  • The goal of  lymphatic bypass surgery is to improve lymphatic function in the limb(s) in patients with lymphedema.

Lymphovenous bypass surgery is performed by NYC surgeon by creating small incisions (approximately one to two centimeters in length) in the skin where the lymphatic channels can be visualized (with a special microscope) intersecting with small veins.

This procedure may be performed using general anesthesia or sedation. Patients typically recover very quickly; the procedure may take no more than a few hours  from arrival to discharge. Compression garments and massage therapy may be prescribed after discharge.

If you have any questions in regards to lymphovenous bypass surgery and would like a complimentary consultation with the board certified NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Keith Blechman, MD please feel free to contact our NYC office for a complimentary consultation or request a consultation online using the eForm on the right.

If you are an out of town patient interested in a complimentary lymphovenous bypass surgery consultation please refer to this link for more information: Out of NYCLymphobenous Bypass Surgery Patient Information.

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