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Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Keith Blechman of the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC is a top expert in the highly specialized field of lymphedema surgery.  Dr. Blechman is one of the most sought after lymphedema surgeons in NYC and the world.  The Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC offer a comprehensive tailor-made service to patients who suffer from  lymphedema as a result of breast cancer.

Post-mastectomy lymphedema manifests as long-term (chronic) swelling. It’s origin is poorly understood, but may be due to the effects of breast cancer treatment, including surgery and radiation.

Lymphedema develops when the normal fluid drainage channels of the lymphatic system in the arm(s) become blocked. Subsequently, fluid called “lymph” does not drain in the normal way which results in abnormal swelling.

  • Up tot 1 in 5 women (20%) will develop lymphoedema of the arm after breast cancer treatment.
  • Left untreated lymphedema may lead to chronic inflammation, infection and hardening of the skin that, in turn, results in further lymph vessel damage and distortion of the shape of affected body parts and will only will get worse.
  • Lymphedema can be painful and over time can make it difficult to move your arm.
  • Treating lymphedema requires a multidisciplinary approach A certified lymphedema therapist must be involved in your care. Dr. Blechman works closely with many of these therapists to coordinate your care.

 Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC  provides surgical options for patients with lymphedema, including:

Excellent! Thoroughly knowledgeable, exceptionally competent –  at the top of his game. I feel very fortunate that Dr. Blechman performed by lymphedema surgery. I could not be happier with my results. ~ Vitals

If your condition worsens and becomes difficult to manage, lymphovenous bypass or vascularized lymph node transfer surgery may be used as an adjunct to help the problem. However, it is important to note that there is no cure for lymphedema, and although surgical interventions may lessen the severity of your symptoms, they will not eradicate the disease. 

Lymphovenous Bypass Surgery

Using state-of-the-art imaging techniques and specialized surgical instruments, the NYC board certified surgeon, performs lymphoenous bypass surgery.  Under a specialized microscope, the surgeons use minute instruments to connect blocked lymphatic vessels to a nearby vein. The bypass surgery allows excess lymph fluid to flow more freely.

Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer Surgery

With this surgery healthy vascularized lymph nodes (lymph nodes that have a rich blood supply) are microsurgically transplanted to an area of lymphatic injury to reestablish lymphatic connections.

Your individual needs and lymphedema surgery expectations will be discussed during your complimentary consultation with the NYC board plastic surgeon,  Dr. Keith Blechman.

If you have any questions in regards to lymphedema surgery and would like a complimentary consultation with the board certified NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Keith Blechman, MD please feel free to contact our Manhattan office for a complimentary consultation or request a consultation online using the eForm on the right.

If you are an out of town patient interested in a complimentary lymphedema breast surgery consultation please refer to this link for more information: Out of New York State Breast Surgery Patient Information.

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