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The board certified plastic surgeons of the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC are top experts in the highly specialized field of breast reconstruction surgery. Having successfully performed hundreds of breast reconstruction procedures, our plastic surgeons are some of the most sought-after breast reconstruction surgeons in NYC and the world and offer DIEP Flap, PAP Flap, and GAP Flap breast reconstruction.

Please note: The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 is a federal law requiring any insurance company covering mastectomies to also cover all stages of breast reconstruction, including partial breast reconstruction surgery of the unaffected breast in order to produce a symmetrical appearance, as well as coverage for prostheses and treatment of physical complications from a mastectomy. This applies to implant-based breast reconstruction as well as breast reconstruction using your body’s own tissues (autologous breast reconstruction surgery), regardless of whether these procedures are performed at the time of mastectomy or at a later date. We will work closely with you and your insurance company to make sure you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled.

Dr. Blechman of the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC offers:

(1) Immediate Breast Reconstruction: (Working with your breast surgeon in the hospital at the time of the cancer removal surgery to perform breast reconstruction); Our plastic surgeons will work closely with your breast cancer surgeons to offer immediate reconstruction following mastectomy. Suitability for this procedure will depend on the nature of the breast cancer and the likely need for subsequent cancer treatment. The decision to offer this procedure is often made in conjunction with both the reconstructive and cancer therapy team.

(2) Delayed Breast Reconstruction: Breast reconstruction after your cancer surgery.

The DIEP flap Breast Reconstruction: The DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure requires special surgical training as well as expertise in microsurgery, which all of our plastic surgeons at the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC have obtained.

The DIEP flap is the most advanced form of breast reconstruction available today and is one of the most popular procedures performed by the surgeons at the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC. The DIEP procedure uses the patient’s own abdominal skin and fat to reconstruct a natural, soft breast after mastectomy.

The DIEP is a perforator flap, which means that it spares abdominal muscle. Sparing the muscle preserves function and makes recovery easier. In certain situations, based on the patient’s anatomy, a small amount of muscle must be sacrificed in order to perform the reconstruction.

The PAP Flap Breast Reconstruction Procedure:

A PAP flap, also known as the Profunda Artery Perforator flap, is a new form of microvascular and microsurgery breast reconstruction following mastectomy offered at the Breast Reconstruction Center of NYC. This breast reconstruction uses tissues from the back of the inner thigh which leaves a scar that is easily concealed.

Candidacy for a PAP flap breast reconstruction is determined by the specific anatomy of the thigh, previous surgery, body weight, and aesthetic expectations.

The GAP Flap Breast Reconstruction Procedure:

GAP (Gluteal Artery Perforator) flap breast reconstruction uses excess skin and fat from the gluteal (buttock) region and leaves all the gluteal muscle behind. Sparing the muscle preserves function and makes recovery easier. The skin, fat, and tiny blood vessels are removed through an incision that can be hidden under the panty line.

You may be a suitable candidate for this type of breast reconstruction if:

  • You prefer a more natural breast reconstruction.
  • You cannot have breast implant reconstruction.
  • You have an adequate abdominal wall, thigh, or buttock tissue to create one or both breasts.
  • You have not had any previous abdominal surgery.
  • You have had radiation to the chest wall.
  • You have had a failed breast implant reconstruction.
  • You are having immediate reconstruction.
  • You are having delayed reconstruction.

Advantages of Autologous (free-flap) Breast Reconstruction:

  • Own biological tissue.
  • Avoids foreign body (prosthesis).
  • Natural feel. Gains and loses weight with the patient.
  • An effective technique if there is a history of radiotherapy.
  • Can be used to replace or revise a previous breast reconstruction using implants.

Disadvantages Autologous (free-flap) Breast Reconstruction:

  • Long surgical operation.
  • Longer recovery.
  • Additional scars.
  • Previous surgery may preclude the use of the abdomen as a suitable donor site.

Breast Reconstruction Flap Before and After Photos

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